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Douchebag Workout

"Douchebag Workout" is not just a game, it is a simulator describing the life situation of each person, as nearly all the guys have had this kind of bitter experience.The game is made at the highest level with great graphics and physics, 99.9% close to reality and with excellent gameplay which will not leave you indifferent. The attitude of society to you is based on your appearance and attractiveness. If you are a cute athlete, girls will run for you and hang around your neck. Sickly guys will have much less chances to get such attention. If you are bored with you own reflection in the mirror, there are two options. Either you remove a mirror, or start to actively engage in sports. In general, the idea of the game "Douchebag Workout" is: there once lived a guy who had a complex about his appearance. He was very upset because of this, and decided to visit gym, and began to work hard under your strict guidance. Gym is the best friend of all those who want to watch their health, appearance and appeal. You should tell you hero what to do and select reasonable loads to get a quick effect. Effort and nerves are not so important if they will pay off. You will have to work very hard all day long. You should tell him when to do bench press or squat, when to pump biceps and triceps, and much more, also keep an eye on his diet. In time, your character will start to grow, spread photos to social networks, shoot videos, and become steeper and steeper. Different muscle groups are swinging in different exercises. Only your complete help will let him be in a good shape, harmoniously develop his own body. Biceps, press, legs, even neck - all this should be leveled up, covered with impenetrable layer of muscles. Watch out for power, the main source of strength. One should not forget about healthy sleep, it is just as important for success. But look out, do not overdo, watch the technique, otherwise you can rupture health. And to progress faster, you can resort to a special doping and use steroids. But watch out the amount of chemistry. Additional costs bring additional benefits. After turning your feeble character in real muscle car, do not forget to buy some cool clothes at the store. In general, the game is similar to the strategy where you need to consider and decide about the best way of improving your hero. Good luck.

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